SHL flat grinding machine
Type FSM

Valuable flat parts such as long or square backplates, rosettes, etc. from brass or stainless steel are processed on the SHL flat grinding machine in a flexible and economic fashion that pays particular attention to a high-quality finish without edge roll-off.

Longitudinal and lateral machine travel is programmed and executed using a freely programmable machine control system and NC axis, as is the number of passes.

Each of the two grinding assemblies is equipped with an electronically controlled, programmable frequency converter for stepless regulation of spindle speed over wide ranges, and also possesses a programmable NC axis, so as to avoid edge roll-off when handling the workpiece. 

A digital display of the grinding spindle rotary speed permits an exact and individual configuration of the necessary speed level. The grinding assemblies are equipped with an automated belt tensioning mechanism, so that no re-tensioning is required if the abrasive belt experiences elongation.

Particular design characteristics

  • Suction removal nozzle directly at the contact wheel
  • Split waste catch basin, movable on rollers
  • Pivoting control panel for optimum programming of both grinding assemblies
  • Contact wheel feed can be positioned freely via servo axes
  • Automated abrasive belt tensioning (tension/slacken), pneumatic belt tensioning, configurable with pressure regulator
  • Motorised belt tracking regulation, push-button configurable
  • Magnetically lockable machinery doors with lock/release functionality
  • XY gantry table charged with positive air pressure to avoid ingress of dust