SHL robot transfer line:
For tool- and workpiece-guided deburring processes

The SHL robot transfer line for deburring and brushing consists of multiple robotic SHL deburring and brushing units. Milling cutters and brushes are used as tools.

A transfer system with sophisticated logistics loads the individual robot cells or the processing stations with workpieces using chaotic infeed via coding (bar code, chip, etc.). The installation is programmed in such a way that in case of standstill in a cell due to a broken milling cutter or defective tool, the additional workpieces from this cell will be evenly distributed within the affected processing side.

A fully automatic tool changing system is integrated into the overall process for maximum efficiency. If required, individual robot cells can be separated from the entire system and can be loaded with a different workpiece type.

Buffer zones designed with sufficient capacity ensure flawless workpiece supply even if the supply of raw parts is temporarily interrupted.