Professional feeding and gripper technology:
the key to efficient automation.

Our customers are always impressed with our tailor-made, customer-specific solutions for feeding and gripping within our high-quality automation solutions. Even complex formed and highly-sensitive products – ranging from fittings to ornamental mouldings – are grasped quickly (but also carefully) and fed.

The gripper is the centrepiece of every automated grinding or polishing process. Reliable feeding is a central factor for the high degree of utilization of the grinding and polishing plant.

Working on the basis of long experience in the area of automation and a great number of applications related to grinding, polishing, burring, assembly, brushing, milling, loading and unloading, we can guarantee an effective solution for your project.

We develop solution-oriented system applications from the planning to the realization phase using intelligent components and modular assembly groups. A dedicated SHL department concentrates entirely on this area, observes the market for the newest techniques and develops systems for this process.